The Colorado Campground & Lodging Owners Association welcomes you to our professional trade association’s website. If you’re seeking a Colorado campground, glamping spot, or an RV park, please go to CampColorado.com.

CCLOA was created by campground owners for campground owners. We’re guided by a Board of Directors comprised of ‘regular members‘ from around Colorado. Even our Executive Director is a former campground owner.

We were established in 1969 when several Colorado campground owners met to discuss their businesses, and we have modified our programs as the decades have marched forward. Our latest programs are explained on the Membership pages.

While we have some brand new Colorado campgrounds in our membership, we also still have continuing generations of some of our founding members.


CCLOA is the name by which we discuss the association. The primary audience includes those in the outdoor hospitality industry, tourism industry, industry suppliers, and public affairs legislators and committees. Click here to see our Facebook posts.

Camp Colorado is the brand through which we market outdoor hospitality (camping, glamping, RVing, cabins, etc.) in Colorado. The primary audience is the outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy sleeping in an outdoors setting. Links:  Facebook   Pinterest   Twitter   Instagram   YouTube   Flickr   Blog

NEED MORE? If our website doesn’t address what brought you here, please contact us so we can assist you.