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Cleaning Supplies

During the times of COVID-19, finding cleaning supplies has become a challenge. Here are some places to try.


CCLOA’s Industry Supplier Member Wilcor is carrying a lot of cleaning supplies and PPE. Call Shane: 315-794-5266 or email shane@wilcor.net.


  • We use disinfectant: 1 cup bleach to 1 gallon water.
  • We use cleaner: simple green. Dilute as directed on package.
  • We use window cleaner: ammonia, rubbing alcohol, water, vinegar.

Amazon Prime: https://www.amazon.com/amazonprime

Sam’s Club (Longmont)  had cleaning supplies, per a member who was there last night (5/14).

HD Supply: https://hdsupplysolutions.com/

A member mentioned “western slope out of junction” but I’m not sure whether that’s Sanitary Supply https://www.sanitarysupplycorp.com/ or something else.

Sustainable Supply.  https://www.sustainablesupply.com/  in Broomfield.

Call Bri Bailey / (800) 451-0726 ext: 1041 / bbailey@ultra-cheminc.com / Fax: (913)492-9834

Ultra Chem Inc.: Call Bri and tell her what you need she’ll explain here products! We love them and they are disinfecting our rooms perfectly. We got the Saniquat… it’s perfect! We also got hand sanitizer through them, it’s awesome. They are a family owed business and we are so happy to support them!

Sams Club but only one per membership per day.

Germico cleans and disinfects. They also had hand sanitizer last week https://manoos.com/products/germico-disinfectant

If you are talking about sanitizing solution they can always use a bleach and water solution like restaurants 100ppm solution for in place sanitization.  You can typically get test strips from food service like Shamrock Foods or restaurant supply places.  Very little bleach in quite a bit of water.

Supply Works


A benefit you have through ARVC is a savings program with Staples Advantage. I recall ARVC saying a few weeks ago that they had supplies in stock (at least back then!). Here’s a screen shot of what’s on ARVC.org. You MUST be a CCLOA/ARVC campground member to use this program. Staples

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