CCLOA listens to the needs of those who are managing and operating the industry we serve. After all, we can’t serve our industry if we lose touch with the reality the outdoor hospitality providers are facing.

For 2022, we are shaking things up by holding a Tour of Colorado instead of regional meetings. Our executive director will be visiting upwards of 350 campgrounds in September and October! Please, if possible, pause for a few minutes when she reaches your park. She can’t provide any (or at least not much) heads-up since she’ll never know how long she’ll be visiting at any park on any day.


Touch base with up to 350 independent privately-owned campground in Colorado to:

  • Increase awareness of CCLOA, especially our legislative path our members are committed to launching (which impacts all parks, so we hope others will join),
  • Find out first-hand what’s happening in the Colorado outdoor industry,
  • Update our photo library for publicity purposes,
  • Begin to sense new or shifting industry or state trends,
  • Assist in addressing issues,
  • Create the most current reports for upcoming meetings in the tourism and outdoor hospitality industries,
  • Prepare relevant content for our insightful member-driven discussions,
  • Prepare for the upcoming legislative session.


Launches on Monday of Labor Day Weekend and hopefully it wraps up by October 15 (could easily wrap up in November but our executive director would rather be in a rejuvenating tour-induced coma by then!).


There is never a set itinerary with these because there are at least 40 variables to each day. In general, we’re starting in the northeast corner, heading toward Loveland, up to Estes Park, and then tackling as much of the higher elevations as we can as quickly as we can ~~ over the first few weeks.

We’ll cover western Colorado after that.

We’ll skirt across the southern path later, and head to Colorado Springs and Denver near the end of September.

The southeastern plains will be last, most likely after the Glamping Show USA (that event is in Aurora from Oct. 3 – 5).

This path could easily change based on many variables. 


It’s no secret that CCLOA has been short on funds for the past few years (our fundraisers weren’t as effective through the pandemic years). We are grateful to have some amazing industry supplier supporters and sponsors stepping up to help us! They’ve allowed this Tour to materialize into an actual implementation phase.


In 2016, the tour took 7 weeks, covered 7,311 miles, and she visited “only” 239 parks, so this year’s tour is even more grandiose!

In a later abbreviated tour, she drove 1,964 miles, took over 2,000 photographs and visited with owners or managers of 66 campground. In addition, two of our members visited with an additional 8 campgrounds. The information we gathered from listening to their issues, concerns and questions … priceless!




Earlier Listening Tour 1
This was taken during an earlier Autumn Listening Tour visit in Loveland, at Riverview RV Park.
This was taken during an earlier Autumn Listening Tour visit in Canon City, hosted by Royal Gorge Cabins.

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