CCLOA listens to the needs of those who are managing and operating the industry we serve, and one we listen is through our Autumn Listening Tour.

The schedule is posted on the Upcoming Events & Key Dates page (click here).

Each session typically lasts for 45 to 90 minutes.

This is an opportunity for all Colorado campground owners and managers (privately owned businesses and public, members and non-members) to attend any of these gatherings and share about the summer vacation season.

Please call your neighboring campground owners and managers and tell them to register, too! 

REGISTRATION: There is no cost to attend but we want you to register so we have an idea of who’s attending.

What CCLOA Hears is Then Used To:

  • Begin to sense new industry or state trends,
  • Assist in addressing issues,
  • Create the most current reports for upcoming meetings in the tourism and outdoor hospitality industries,
  • Prepare relevant content for our webinar and cracker barrel discussions,
  • Prepare for the upcoming legislative session.

This isn’t a membership-drive event, although non-members are welcome to join CCLOA!


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Your Executive Director drove 1,964 miles, took over 2,000 photographs and visited with owners or managers of 66 campground. In addition, two of our members visited with an additional 8 campgrounds. The information we gathered from listening to their issues, concerns and questions … priceless!




Earlier Listening Tour 1
This was taken during an earlier Autumn Listening Tour visit in Loveland, at Riverview RV Park.
This was taken during an earlier Autumn Listening Tour visit in Canon City, hosted by Royal Gorge Cabins.

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