Founders Assistance Fund

CCLOA’s Founders Assistance Fund honors those who forged CCLOA into existence and carried it forward. We honor those founders, our current and past leaders, and our caring members with this Fund. Anyone may make a donation to the Fund.

An application for a grant may be submitted by any owner of a CCLOA voting member in good standing who agrees and commits to renew their dues for the following year and who agrees and commits to attend the first CCLOA conference after using the funds and present on what was gained through using these grant funds (i.e., into what was taught that made them a better park operator or manager).

Grant funds may be considered for:

  • Registration to attend educational seminars by CCLOA, ARVC, the Colorado Tourism Office, or a regional tourism organization (this can be for any staff member stipulated by the owner);
  • Interim relief for the business or the owner’s personal use due to loss caused by a natural disaster or an emergency (e.g., wildfire, flood, death of a co-owner, medical emergency of the owner or manager that puts the park at a loss);
  • Support to offset costs incurred for pursuing significant change in local ordinances or regulations, so long as the change would more closely align the local codes with NFPA 1194®.
  • Offsetting shortfall from a sudden and unexpected demand by an authority having jurisdiction.
  • Other projects that the Executive Committee deems appropriate.

Funds may not be used for, travel, meals or lodging, results of improper management, or the owner’s or manager’s time.

Preference will be given to members of under 60 total campsites. Scholarships are not based solely on financial need but also on the expectations of the potential contribution an individual will make to the betterment of the outdoor hospitality industry and to the respective park.

Until the fund reaches a higher balance, the maximum grant is $350 per incident per year.

One member may not apply more than twice within a four-year span.

The CCLOA Executive Committee determines the validity of each request. The Committee has up to 10 business days to evaluate each application. Accepted applicants will then be issued a check mailed to the address shown on the application.

CCLOA is a non-profit 501(c)6 organization.

We respect our founders! They created what we have out of their own energy, resources, needs and ideas. Did they know all we’d be able to achieve over our 50+ years of service to Colorado’s campground owners? We feel they were far to humble to imagine it!

Anyone may contribute to the fund. The form is attached. The form for accessing the funds is part of same PDF.

Click here to access or download the forms.

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