WHO’S ELIGIBLE  Companies who provide solutions, products, services and programs that can ease or enhance operations or management of campground and RV park businesses are invited to join.

DUE DATE 9/1/2020.

MEMBERSHIP TERM  September 2020 through August 2021.

This timing provides continuity for the campground members since they tend to begin searching for new programs and services for the summer camping season in September, when they first come up for air from the current summer season. That search, decision and implement process tends to run through the spring.

Those who join April or later of the started membership year may prorate their dues payment, and we’ll appropriately prorate the benefits.

UPDATE OCT. 2020:  This page was modified to show only the programs that remain available. 


Distribution of Marketing Literature

Pass us your electronic marketing materials and we’ll email it to our members in the next scheduled email. File Names: Please start the file name with your company name.

Foothills Level Membership 

  • Distribution of marketing literature at conference (described above).
  • October roster of campground members, including contact info.
  • Updated roster in January.
  • Publicity on Facebook:  We’ll either share your business’s FB posts or we’ll post about your business three (3) times on our Facebook page B2B for campground owners. You can also pay us to boost these posts to reach more of our followers (any amount; 100% of your payment will be used for the boost). (This benefit will be prorated based on date of membership.)
  • Linked listing on the Roster of Industry Suppliers.

Peak Level

  • Distribution of Marketing Materials (see above).
  • Foothills Level benefits (see above).
  • Email notifications of contact information on campground members who join mid-year.
  • Recorded 5 – 10 minute video-interview recorded by CCLOA’s Executive Director. (Current members will recognize this as your Expert Session at the conference.) Tell about your business and its programs or services (this is your “booth speech”). It will be added to the online roster of supplier members and will remain there through August 2021. NOTE:  This will make your message accessible to all members (rather than just conference attendees), and it’s also a public page, so your recording might attract non-members (if they reach out to you, we know you will recommend they join CCLOA).
  • Invitation to be the guest in an educational webinar or a panel presentation of approximately 30 to 45 minutes.
    • These will be LIVE, so you can see the audience and take questions.
    • These sessions will be held mid-day, mid-week, between mid-September and mid-Spring.
    • Please work with CCLOA staff to develop the topic and schedule.
    • NOTE: Depending on your membership with SDCOA and KansasARVC, those campground members might also be invited to participate.
  • Invitation to attend our webinars, online cracker barrels, and the March 3rd meeting, and chime in to the discussions.
  • Publicity on Facebook increases to a total of eight (8) times on our Facebook B2B page for campground owners. You can also pay us to boost these posts to reach more of our followers (100% of your payment will be used for the boost). (This benefit will be prorated based on date of membership.)
  • Publicity through Education: The option to contribute one (1) educational piece (max 350 words) that will each become its own Wednesday Wisdom email for our campground members. Within the message, you may link to a blog or video for additional insight, if it assists with the lesson. Your company contact information and a closing sales pitch are permitted. You may suggest a time frame for these to be released, and we will try to accommodate your timing. EXAMPLES:
    1. If your product is retail, your educational piece might be on retail display insight or on pricing strategies.
    2. If your product is insurance, perhaps it would be on a risk management topic or on explaining an aspect of the policy.
    3. If your product is laundry equipment, perhaps it would be a maintenance topic.

Annual Conference Silver Sponsor   (Foothills or Peak Membership Level is required)

  • Your business will be announced as an event sponsor at the March 3rd online meeting.
  • Your business will be mentioned and linked on the Annual Conference page.

Gold Sponsor   (Foothills or Peak Membership Level is required)

  • Recognition at each webinar and cracker barrel, as well as at the March meeting.
  • Mentioned and linked on the Annual Conference page and in conference promotional emails to the campground members.
  • Logo or photos will be shared in three additional posts on our Facebook B2B page as we promote the event (these are in addition to the aforementioned Facebook posts).

Auction Donor  If we opt to have an auction, we hope you will contribute. More on this will be known in January.

Have Other Ideas:  If you would like to present a special situation or idea to us,  please email and request an appointment to discuss it.


The Executive Director of CCLOA is also in the same role with the South Dakota Campground Owners Association (SDCOA) and the Kansas Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds (KARVC). Should you choose to join one, two or all three of these associations (whatever works best for you), feel free to save time and money by sending everything in one package to the remittance address. It will be properly sorted based on the applications that are enclosed.


If you have questions or would like to receive the Industry Supplier Membership Form, please call 970.573.0320 or use the contact us form or email us.

CCLOA looks forward to working with you!