The Outdoor Hospitality Membership category includes businesses which provide outdoor hospitality to outdoors enthusiasts. Examples: campgrounds, RV parks, glamping resorts, RV resorts, … all outdoor hospitality.

CCLOA began as campground owners leaned upon one another for operational and managerial brainstorming. In the decades since that first meeting, members have expanded our purpose and mission.

We are partnered with the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds (ARVC), which means that when you join us you also join them, all in one dues payment.

We work closely with the Colorado Tourism Office and the Tourism Industry Association of Colorado, and other professional organizations.


Owners or managers of Colorado outdoor hospitality properties, including those which are still being built, are eligible to join.

The property becomes the member, so the staff also has membership.

Owners of multiple Colorado outdoor hospitality businesses may join at a reduced fee when more than one joins us.


January through December

Next year’s dues must be received by 9/15 of the current year to gain a member listing in the next Camp Colorado Guide.

A new member is allowed to join at any time; dues and benefits may be prorated.


The seed of CCLOA was planted when several campground owners met to see how others were managing their businesses: Networking.

In the decades since that first meeting, members have expanded our areas of focus to these eight distinct programs:

Networking with campground owners.

Examples:  Our annual conference, scheduled online cracker barrel discussions and webinars, freedom to request that the CCLOA office distribute an email to seek suggestions or to announce that they have something for sale, and the Autumn Listening Tour.

ARVC also offers opportunities.

Networking with industry suppliers.

Examples:  Networking with our industry supplier members as found on on our roster and during our scheduled online cracker barrel discussions and webinars.

ARVC also offers opportunities.

Professional development on best practices of campground operations and management and industry trends.

Examples:  Our annual conference, Wednesday Wisdom emails, and scheduled online cracker barrel discussions and webinars. ARVC also offers opportunities.

Monitoring of state & national legislative and regulatory affairs (advocacy; watchdog).

CCLOA worked diligently and tenaciously during COVID-19 to inform the Governor’s office and public health authorities about the nature of RVers and RV parks. The Governor’s office allowed for privately owned RV parks and campgrounds to continue to serve the full-time RVers.

Through our own connections, and with support from ARVC and the Tourism Industry Association of Colorado, we closely monitor relevant legislative activity in Denver and Washington D.C.

ARVC‘s Large Dollar Examples:  In 2017, our efforts prevented a change in wastewater regulations that would have  rendered nearly all Colorado campground wastewater systems to be out-of-compliance. Our actions, saved campgrounds from cost prohibitive upgrades. Earlier, an industry supplier prevented a change in an electric regulation, saving every campground in the country $70 – $100 per campsite.

CCLOA and ARVC have stood up for many other issues that impact small businesses, tourism, and the campground and RV industries.

Assisting with local authorities having jurisdiction.

CCLOA worked diligently and tenaciously during COVID-19 to inform the local commissioners and public health authorities about the nature of RVers and RV parks. We assisted in many counties that had delayed openings.

We have also provided information to members who are building or expanding when local authorities have requested industry information.

Example: A local authority was concerned about the increased use of 911, so CCLOA survey its members and provided the statistics to that member.

Several members have reached out for assistance with local pressures that have already been addressed in NFPA 1194®. CCLOA and ARVC have played key roles in enlightening the local authorities.

Marketing to campers.

We create a voice to the nation (and beyond) to go camping in Colorado! A united voice typically goes farther than the voice a single entity, so CCLOA is that voice to the camping public. We share about events, culture, cuisine, adventures, and activities that might appeal to campers, especially those in the vicinity of our member campgrounds. We enjoy mentioning our member campgrounds, and we often link people to the campground’s listing on CampColorado.com.

Examples:  Member listing in the Camp Colorado Guide (only when dues are received by 10/1 of the prior year), plus member listing on CampColorado.com, and mentions on Camp Colorado’s social media pages.

Learn more about marketing by clicking here.

ARVC also provides opportunities through GoCampingAmerica’s website and social media platforms. (Members, remember to log in through ARVC.org to maintain your park’s information and your own profile!)

GCA_logo-HORIZ-02 smaller

Purchasing power.

Members receive better rates than non-members with Clean Designs, Colorado Caliber, and MCPS For Campgrounds. Additionally, ARVC offers opportunities, such as the music license, propane, office supplies, and John Deere®.

Industry public relations.

Example:  Researching and distributing press releases and social media posts that are relevant to campgrounds or campers, such as the recent wildfires and mudslides.


  1. Your ranking of priority on our eight areas of focus will likely differ from someone else’s (highest need might be someone else’s least need).
  2. We aren’t here to be everything to everyone, yet we exist for everyone, and these programs exist because there’s been significant need for each.

Click here to see specific details for 2021.


CCLOA would enjoy serving all Colorado campground owners. If you’re not yet a member:

  1. Use the contact form to give us some information about you and your property.
  2. Wait for our reply, which will include two worksheets.
  3. Remit your payment and the two worksheets.

Once we have received your dues we’ll activate your full benefits and will notify the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds (ARVC) to do the same.


When creating our programs and determining our dues calculation, we factor in many details, including a few we’ll mention here.

Most Colorado campgrounds fall into one category, and most fall into multiple categories:

  • Overnight campgrounds 14%
  • Vacation destinations, whether it’s for a weekend or even a few weeks 87%
  • Long stays who are in the area to work (go to work all day) 50%
  • Long stays who come for the entire summer (live onsite all day; form a community) 62%
  • Weekenders who leave their RVs at the campsite all season but who return home for their workweek 1%
  • Residential (at least some sites are purchased) 3%

Months of operation vary from a few months to all year.

While most of our programs are included in the basic membership, we have seen a need by some of our members for us to offer pay-to-play programs. We’ll review these with you during the membership sign-up process.

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