2021 Benefits For Outdoor Hospitality Properties


In addition to the general overview of benefits outlined here, each outdoor hospitality member will be mentioned three (3) times on any of our social media sites (actually, those who often operate at near capacity can opt out of the social media posts).

PAY BY 9/15/2020 and we’ll increase that to 15 times, PLUS your park will have a Camp Colorado member listing in our Camp Colorado Guide. 

Free registration for our brief cracker barrel discussion online events. The schedule is expected to be announced in September (even though the membership year doesn’t begin until January). Each will be on a given topic or related topics. (In previous years, this was part of our annual meeting for those who paid the registration fee, but this year it’s being handled online at no additional cost to you.)

Free registration for our informational webinars, engaging with an industry supplier or a panel of presenters. (In previous years, this was part of our annual conference for those who paid the registration fee, but this year it’s being handled online at no additional cost to you.)

Free registration for our Autumn Listening Tour.


The membership year is January through December.

Those who join in February through May pay prorated dues for the remainder of the year (some of the pay-to-play may also still be available; check with the office). Benefits will also be prorated. In August you will be billed for your next year’s dues.

Those who join us June through December pay prorated current year dues plus the next year’s full dues. Benefits will also be prorated. (Please contact the office before submitting your payment and form so we can ensure we’ve updated the site for the upcoming year!)

Those who were members in the last 12 months but didn’t renew in time for uninterrupted membership benefits will pay the full year’s dues, and if it falls between July and December, they’ll also need to pay for the next twelve months.


Calculation here includes both CCLOA & ARVC dues, combined. One payment, two memberships, and a lot of benefits!

Determine your total number of sites. That equals the sum of your Tent Sites  +  RV Sites  +  Single-Unit Rental Units (cabins, RVs, yurts, tepees, etc.)  +  Multi-Unit Rentals (connected or shared roof; e.g., B&B rooms, hotel rooms, duplex rental).

(TOTAL # SITES  x  $3)  +  $384 = 2021 DUES

Dues Cap  If you have 511 or more sites, simply use 511 for your Total # Sites.

Multi-Park Owners  Those who have multiple parks and at least two join us, reduce the total dues for each by 10%. (Please submit a separate worksheet and sign-up sheet for each property.)


For those whose occupancy isn’t always at a satisfactory level, click here to learn more about the Camp Colorado marketing program.

The specific fees are outlined in the 2021 Membership Form, available through our office.


If you have seen more value than what we charge for dues, you are welcome to make a larger dues payment.

Collage Header  

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words then a collage is worth much more! We will use photos we have on file of your park (or you may submit your photos to us) to create a collage which will then be used as the header picture on your park’s listing page on CampColorado.com. It will also be used in social media posts.

Extra Posts on CampColorado’s Social Media 

FYI: The standard benefit is that we’ll mention your park in three (3) social media posts and, for those who pay by 9/15/2020, it’s then increased to 15.

The pay-to-play option allows you to buy additional posts. This is popular among those who would like more publicity.

Boosting to a Larger Social Media Audience

We don’t boost posts unless a member pays for the boosting. If you provide any amount for us to boost posts about your place, we’ll apply those funds on posts that mention only your park and no others.

Some provide $25/yr and others submit hundreds of dollars. It mostly depends on your budget and your need for word about your park to reach more people.

FYI: Boosting even minimally can make a huge difference in your visibility.

Remember, 100% of the proceeds are used to boost posts that mention only your park.

Facebook Training

Receive two (2) 30-minute Facebook training sessions by Mary Arlington through her company. These sessions will be done individually per member park and will be scheduled at your convenience. The two sessions are usually scheduled about a week apart. We’ll contact you in January to schedule these.


Members, look for our email for your renewal form.

Otherwise, please contact us to receive your sign-up sheet. 

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